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Achieve Physical Therapy
Helping clients achieve
optimum outcomes.

Services Provided


Manual Therapy


    All of our clinicians have a strong Manual Therapy background.  Keith has completed well-over 100 hours of continuing education specifically geared toward manual evaluation and treatment of the spine, pelvis, upper and lower extremities, lymphatic system, and vestibular system.  Techniques performed in our clinics include:

           Muscle Energy Techniques Manual Traction Classical Joint Mobilizations
   Myofascial Release Strain-Counterstrain Positional Release
   Craniosacral Therapy Lymphatic Drainage    Epley Manuever




   Extremity strengthening is done through a combination of free weights, pullies, closed chain exercises with body weight, plyometrics, and manual therapy (PNF, or Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation).  Our strengthening is focused on functional movement patterns, improving proprioception, and integration of the spine and extremities.  Spinal strengthening is accomplished through the use of “Core” strengthening with exercise balls, pulleys, and Pilates activities.  We even utilize pulleys directly applied to the head to perform strengthening of the neck.  

Work Conditioning

   Workers have very specific needs to meet their job requirements.  Once the worker's injuries are stabilized, clients often need to be strengthened to levels that will allow them to return to physically demanding work on a Full Time, Full Duties basis.  Work Conditioning is designed to meet these specific needs.  Work Conditioning typically lasts 2-4 hours, 3-5 days / week, for 4-6 weeks. It combines aerobic conditioning; core & general strengthening activities; and material handling tasks such as lifting, pushing, pulling, and carrying; and other specifically designed programs to simulate the client’s workplace needs.  


Functional Capacities Evaluation (FCE)

   Achieve Physical Therapy’s goal is to return clients to the workforce whenever possible.  An experienced clinician will take a pro-active approach to determining each client’s functional capabilities within which the client will be able to safely participate when returning to the workforce.  Providing this information assists Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors in finding job options for clients to return, as active members, to the workforce.  We can do a Single-Day FCE or an Extended FCE over a 1-2 week period of time.


On-Site Ergonomics Evaluations


   An experienced clinician will perform an onsite evaluation of a client’s or a company’s work environment.  Emphasis will be on finding solutions to factors that may be contributing to a particular person’s dysfunction and identifying potential problem areas that, if corrected, will prevent occurrences of workplace injuries. 


Vestibular Rehabilitation & Fall Prevention


   Achieve Physical Therapy will assess clients for the underlying reason(s) why he or she is falling on a regular basis.  If the underlying reason(s) include deficits in strength, joint mobility, proprioception, or vestibular dysfunction Achieve PT will develop a treatment plan appropriate for the client.  If other factors such as poor vision or neurological deficits are noted during the assessment, we will make recommendations for referral to appropriate specialists.  

Keith is also skilled at performing the Epley Manuever, Adaptation exercises, and Habituation techniques for treatment of dizziness and imbalance.  Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo, or BPPV, is a condition in which free-floating particles in the inner ear stimulate the cupula of the inner ear, resulting in debilitating dizziness and sensations of tumbling.  The Epley Manuever re-positions the particles and has been shown to resolve the vertigo in 90-95% of clients, often in just 1-2 treatments.

    Adaptation and Habituation techniques allow clients to manage any symptoms of dizziness or imbalance resulting from a wide variety of causes, such as dysfunctional eye movements, lingering effects from inner ear infections, lingering symptoms associated with BPPV, and many other causes.

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