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Achieve Physical Therapy
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optimum outcomes.
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Welcome to Achieve Physical Therapy

It is our sincere hope that you have a positive experience with our staff and that we can help you over-come your injury, resolve your pain, and restore your function.  To those ends, we offer the following commitments to your physical therapy experience:

You will recieve one-on-one, directly supervised care.  
We schedule one client, per therapist, per hour.  

This allows us to assign your daily treatment plan and to be there to help you maintain good techniques & to provide education that is so critical for you to understand & perform your program safely and effectively.  

The therapist who starts your therapy plan will manage your condition & see you through your entire therapy plan.  

It is a very rare case that your primary therapist changes during the course of your treatment; and, there is typically a specific reason for changing therapists, such as one therapist being proficient at a specific type of treatment that will benefit you.  Any therapy tasks that are assigned to a Physcial Therapist Assistant are clearly delineated by your primary physical therapist.  In addition, you will consult with and be treated by your primary therapist at nearly every therapy visit.   

We'll make it right.

Because we are locally owned and operated, we have the opportunity to address every aspect of your care.  From the time you call for your initial appointment, through your therapy course, and ending with the billing process, we are able to make things right in the event you have a concern.


Our Philosophy:  

In order for your condition to properly heal, we must reduce the abnormal or injurious stress from the healing tissues.  

When the abnormal stress and strain on healing tissues is reduced, your body is free to use its own healing capacity to resolve your injury, pain, and dysfunction.  In addition, your body heals around the stress placed on it.  When we reduce the abnormal stress and manage the stress in the proper ways, you heal faster and more effectively.  We accomplish this by looking at how you use your body to accomplish daily tasks such as work,  sports, household chores, hobbies, and whatever you want &  need to do, then we make corrections to postures, body mechanics, and joint & soft tissue mechanics.

Our treatment is highly educational.

We want you to be active in your own care.  Because we work one-on-one with you, we are able to educate you regarding your condition and treatment rationale.  We achieve this goal by not only discussing your treatment with you but by involving you in learning how to manage your condition.  This allows you to work on your condition during the time that you are not in therapy being supervised, allows you to help prevent re-injuries from occurring, and allows you to manage a flare-up if it occurs when your therapy course is complete.  Our clients like us; but, we don't think they want to come to therapy for months and years at a time. 

Our treatment includes a high emphasis on manual therapy.

Studies have shown for decades that the power of touch is a very powerful thing.  Manual therapy is not only a vital tool for the therapist to truly understand the nature of your condition and a tool for treating your pain and dysfunction, it is well-documented that clients progress more quickly  when treated manually compared to those who are not.  


!!! We Are Open in Gig Harbor !!!

We have now been in Gig Harbor for more than 18 months.  Being in Gig Harbor has allowed us to enjoyed great success professionally; and, it has allowed us (... Keith & Julie ...) to treat friends & family because we are closer to home.

We are sharing clinic space with
Dana Carnahan, PT & Kevin Riches, PTA at Source Therapy, in Gig Harbor.

The Gig Harbor location has everything you need
for a successful recovery from your injury, surgery, pain, & dysfunction including:
• Private treatment rooms
• A full array of exercise, weight, & aerobic equipment
• Heat, cold, & electric modalities
• Plenty of room to move


"You can achieve what you want to achieve
when you believe in yourself

are willing to challenge your human nature
to give up."
- Jerry West
National Basketball Association Hall of Fame
14 time NBA All-Star

1 NBA Championship as a Player
8 NBA Championships in Management Roles


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